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Press and Word your SEO

WordPress offers two opportunities for the web-community. The easier choice is WordPress.com – you can start own blog in two minutes and have address like your_name.wordpress.com. The other one is WordPress.org where you can download this free software and install in whatever you want. Both for personal blogs and for commercial sites I recommend to buy nice-looking domain (which in ideal must represent those topics or services which you offer) and hosting. In WordPress.com page you’ll have very limited possibilities, so in this article I won’t focus on it. This kind of blog I will recommend only for those who have littler or no experience in blogging and web-design. I’m sure most of you are familiar with WordPress platform, however there are may aspects which may seem invisible or even ordinary but they really help for the search engine optimization of your site.

If you are not fond of programming or paying lots of money for web-site creation – WordPress would be one of the best choices. It’s really easy to install it to the server, to choose template and to add plugins depending on the needs of your site. Of course I won’t memorize all of the moments which present WordPress advantages (some of them are still unknown for me). Moreover I want to provoke the discussion, the result of this discussion will be helpful for all SEO experts. So here you are.

The essence of WordPress is SEO-friendly

Being tired of on-page optimization? Being frustrated of all the advises you hear? Are you disappointed and not sure how your pages must be optimized to display high in the SERPs? WordPress can remove this headache. Web-site structure of WordPress platform is already optimized and many plugins are written to help you even more (in example the plugin for automatic generation of web-site map). Pages get quickly indexed by Google and other search enignes’ spiders. Title, meta-tags and keywords are easy to input (all-in-one-seo plugin) and they are displayed properly. WordPress contains RSS feed and RSS for comments, with the help of plugin your site would be bookmarked in Technorati or one of the famous social bookmarking sites by one click. There is also plugin which constructs the page according to your title. For example you are offering translation. Then instead of number or odd words, your page will look like your_site.com/english-to-spanish-translations.php which also will help you in SERPs.

Statistics – the portrait of your visitors

Who are visiting your sites Where do visitors come from? Which sites are referring to your? These and similar questions you will always have in your mind. Statistics provides the answer for such questions. You can either choose to place GoogleAnalytics (there is appropriate plugin) or connect you site to Statcounter. Also WordPress has own blogs, like StatPress – you can pick up as many as you want depending from you needs. Some statistic plugins show not only user-visitors, but spiders and by analyzing spider-activity you can see which search engines index you site and how regular they do it. Most popular pages, keywords by which your site is clicked – you need to need to know this and similar information to increase your audience, target more and more users and have good SERPs.

When the links are just rolling in

In WordPress platform which is designed for blogs and blog-like looking sites there is a special feature Blogroll. In few seconds you can add any link you want, i.e. link of the blog you like, link of the sponsor or partner. That’s why it would be easier for you to obtain inbound links to your site. Bookmarking which I’ve already mentioned also will seriously increase the number of your backlinks. Of course it the content will be valuable. WordPress cannot provide unique and interesting content for you, but it helps you to present it structured and neat both for visitors and for search engine spiders.

AdSense usability

A lot bloggers have Adsense or other type of advertising on their sites. Even commercial sites for which AdSense will never be main part of revenue have these adds. Why won’t you monetize the value of you site? WordPress has many plugins designed for AdSense, which will help you manage your adds efficiently and effectively. In example, you can choose either to place you adds above or below your post, choose which post you don’t want to show adds, etc. All these modifications will take just few clicks and you will save your time and earn more money. If you are newbie to AdSense and don’t know where to place it to achieve more clicks, the plugins are designed by professionals who know. So you don’t have to worry.

These moment I’ve chosen to start our discussion. As you see I like WordPress but I never make idols. With the same pleasure I will discover if other platform will overwhelm the achievements of WordPress. I think it would be really helpful to look at every web-site software, CMS, platform with SEO-concern. Such view is not for everyone, but it is necessary for SEO-experts. If you are already an expert or you plan to become one – let’s test, discuss and try.

Then we’ll obtain:

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