Why Google Adsense sucks

adsenseThere are many methods to monetize your web-site. There are hundreds of articles and sites dedicated to this topic. It’s very broad topic and may be in future articles I will focus on some methods which I consider the best ones. But in this article I would like to focus on the WORST method. Unfortunately now it is also one of the most popular methods – Google Adsense.

Why do people use Adsense?

1) This program is owned by Google.  People think that such famous company won’t cheat them. Moreover many people like to have the feeling of attachment to something great. And Google is great and cool in people’s minds.

2) Even for the web-newbies it is very easy to paste adsense code to their sites.

3) Adsense is paying per clicks. When someone visits adsense statistics he or she may have the impression that they already started to earn money even if they had just several cliks.

All these reasons are understandable. When I started to use Google Adsense in 2007 I was also expecting to make a lot of money in short terms. I know that long time before some people made simple sites called MFA (Made for Adsense) which received targeted quality traffic from search engines and with right adsense placement they achieved good results. Of course their accounts were banned later and now all good web specialists agree that adsense sucks as monetization methods. It’s better to pay attention to other programs.

Why adsense really sucks

1. You can be banned with no reason

In the beginning of this year after my adsense earning reached the level of 75 Euro (for dollars this amount is $100) I was banned from adsense and there is no way I can access even the stats of my account. I did not expect such fraud from Google but it happened. For my appeal they replied with standard message.


 Thank you for your appeal. We appreciate the additional information you’ve
 provided, as well as your continued interest in the AdSense program.
 However, after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your
 feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we’re
 unable to reinstate your AdSense account.

 As a reminder, if you have any questions or concerns about your account,
 the actions we’ve taken, or invalid activity in general, you can find more
 information by visiting

I googled these words and found many other posts about adsense ban. As I mentioned I signed to adsense in 2007 and that should be my first check. So I earned 76 Euro in 5 years (!!) and I did not receive even this payment. Do you think I made “invalid activity” or clicked the ads myself? In this case do you think my earning would be so low? 15 Euro a year or 1.25 Euro a month. That’s not even the package of cigarettes!

You may think I have personal reasons for writing this post. In some way it is so, cause I don’t want my web friends and new web-masters to repeat my mistakes. Before I was banned I could not imagine that google can be so shit in one of its products.

2. There is no support

The standard message reply which I posted above was the only reply I got. I got no more replies and the situation is the same with other people who were banned. Moreover their FAQ page has only several general questions. So that means they don’t care. Probably because still there are many people using adsense.

3. You need to have really great traffic to earn something

If your site is new or if you have 100-1000 visitors a day you won’t earn much. May be $1-10 dollars a month. And in case you have big traffic – many direct advertizes will contact you by themselves. And they will offer much more money for the advertisement.

4. If you don’t receive elite traffic – you get minimum

If you are not from US or Western Europe- forget about big earnings. For US, UK, some other rich European countries (like Germany, France), may be also Australia and New Zealand traffic price per click is relatively good. It could be $1 or even more depending from keyword. That means that if your sites get small portion of such traffic – you will receive $0.01 – $0.05 for clicks.

5. Big delay in payment

When your earnings reach minimum $100 (or analogy in other currency) you have to wait 1 month or more till the check will be sent to you. Then it takes time for the check to arrive. Then it takes time for you to go to a bank. Then it takes about 1-2 month to receive money from that check (I was told so in bank)

6. Many banks don’t accept Google Adsense checks

Moreover they don’t even know about such checks. And checks is the only possible choice of payments for adsense. In contrast a lot of other advertising programs offer wide variety of payments and sometimes you can withdraw your earnings in 1 second.

7. Waste of time

Adsense setup and different placement optimization advices really waste your time. I regret that I wasted so much time in placing adsense, then removing, then placing again. I also spent a lot of time in my statistics panel to see which adsense channel, which click and when brought some earnings. That in some way I’m even happy I was banned so I won’t waste my time for adsense now.

8. Adsense is for beggars

I think that probably adsense is the most popular begging advertising. The “revenues” are so small so that is really the minimum you can get. I have analogy that it is like a begging. Someone clicks and you get a penny. And later you boss can take all the amount from you.

That’s all for now. I wish everyone to focus on really valuable things. Goodbye Adsense. Fuck you Google.

10 comments on Why Google Adsense sucks

  • Uma says:

    I’m working with Google more that 5 years for now and i have a great experience. You should understand that Google is a very user-oriented site. If it thinks that your site is not really interesting for users (you haven’t many visitors), you will not get any attention from Google. Unfortunately for publishers, they should try to make the content of their site as much unique and as much interesting for users as possible. For now this is the only way to make money with Google Adsense.

  • Ash Chuan says:

    What are other Google Adsense type services available for bloggers?

  • jd says:

    We had our publisher ID banned as well. I find it very interesting that Goog plays these games, but understandable given that they get to basically use the real estate for advertising purposes and keep all the money.

    There are currently about 60 pages on our site that are strictly informational and they get some high page view numbers and of course the idea of making some advertising $$ from this is alluring, but after this episode with Goog we are not all that interested in those big services.

    If there was a site where we could list our space as (CPV) or monthly space rental, and accept offers that would be nice, but the TOS of the companies we’ve looked at to replace Goog Adsense (eg:adbrite, intext links, etc) read just as poorly…so we hope to find a market (site) that puts advertisers and publishers together for a percentage.

  • whoisbid says:

    Google adsense don’t seem to be staffed by anyone. All their emails are automated. What a stingy company, not even able to employ people to take care of customers. Don’t listen to anything google has to say about the real business world.

  • Debarup says:

    What about the case of the site Acme.com, google adsense was disable account for this site also, but as its a popular site, they reinstate that account…. google is it your policy???? wow grt… whenever I have talked with any contributer in google help forum, they told me and everyone to think in business sense.. but google this issue doesn’t make any sense…

    Matt cutts posted on his google plus wall… you can see those comments


    We need mass protest against it…

  • Ravi Simon says:

    Adsense is really a waste of time.
    First of all it makes you wait
    1 week to accept the application.
    Then another 2-3 weeks after code placement.
    I have a great website.
    which is at least very easy to navigate and has sufficient content all written by me but still they reject it every time WASTING MY 2-3 weeks.


    Dont modify your website for these asshole nerds…

    There are lot of other advertising networks who work well than GOOGLE adsense.

    The best one is AMAZON affiliate and ebay affiliate.
    Better CPM/affiliate than CPC… ads…

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  • Margret says:

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