Who is Flodner?

Some people ask me if Flodner is my real name. Do you know someone with a name Flodner? I don’t. That’s a nickname or I prefer the word – pseudonym. Actually I agree that it’s better to have your real name in blogging. So by choosing Flodner as my presentation name for almost everything I do online I knew that it could only weaken my online identity. 

 But why not to use my real name? It seems for me when I bought domain flodner.com and later created some social medias related to this name I did not think I would need to have strong name-brand for myself. If I would create my web-site now may be I would use my real name.

One more reason is that I am a writer. I’m not among mainstream and popular writers now, but I think I would like to be. I have some works published under my real name and I don’t want to mix my real name with seo, online marketing and guest blogging writings.

 In addition, I think Flodner is quite good pseudonym, it originated suddenly and I don’t remember when exactly. I won’t tell what it means, I’ll only tell that there is a secret involved.

 I think that’s all for this post. And I hope it was interested for people with whom I work online together, correspond and communicate.

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