Top SEO Trumps

In childhood I used to play cards. Probably one of the most interesting deck of card I had was with nude girls. But that was in childhood and since that time I had a lot of different type of cards (cities, politicians, cats, football players, etc.) Now I don’t have time for playing cards, I even don’t play computer games since 2004.

seo top trumpsBut I used to buy cards for present, of course only if they were beautiful. Recently I discovered that Silicon Beach Training started a SEO Top Trumps competition and  decided to participate. I wrote in my post that this card idea is excellent and it inspired me for many other ideas of souvenirs and products which may be produced. I mean related to seo, social media and online marketing products. But after I tried to preview my post – it vanished! It was probably due to the end of my login session. So I won’t repeat my post, actually I was angry, but then I thought may it was a mystical sign to keep my idea for myself. So I won’t repeat the idea I came with, I will try to realize it in the next months. The only thing I will say is that is was about seo chess game ))  And the fact I wrote this post will enforce me to remember this idea!

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