The Social Network film is shit

Finally I’ve found time to watch this film. Actually I was thick with high temperature and I was not capable neither work nor read. So I asked myself – what do I prefer to watch? I like horror films and thrillers, but I don’t watch such films with my girlfriend. So I decided to watch The Social Network. I’ve heard a lot about it and I had to watch it cause a big part of  my life is online, and when I’m online sometimes I’m in social networks. Moreover I’ve heard from many different people that this film is shit. Actually it may be interesting for social network enthusiasts (it would be better to say – facebook geeks), and that’s all. Of course this only segment is quite large, but even for me this is just one more success-story which leaves no feelings, thought, emotions. I can understand others who say that The Social Network film is shit, cause it will look like complete shit for those who are not passionate about web. This film can give you only 2 ideas:

1) delete your facebook page

2) create your own social network and become a billionaire

But the second idea I already have for a long time 🙂

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