The Real Meaning of Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO might give you immediate results but getting your website being dropped from the Search Engine directories or being banned overall…

Black hat SEO is one of the seo techniques which are used by unethical article firms, as well as online advertising sites by tricking the search engines to give them a higher rank then what they deserve. This technique provides fast results, but eventually this is a bad news for users.

The Black Hat tactic is always considered unethical, because it always disobey rules meant for search engines. Moreover, the website which uses Black Hat SEO techniques always in the end gives a bad user experience. When any of the search engines find that these type of methods are being used on the website, these sites will always be blocked by the search engines, interpreting that the site is useless.

Few SEO companies located in India use Black Hat SEO techniques, showing excellent results to the client, they just make money through this way and disappear as soon as the site is blacklisted. These techniques are mainly used by certain associate marketing sites, as well as those which host ads. The main focus in is to just bring people on the website, whereas, the related material in clickable. In the end these internet dealers sell or abandon these websites when the search engines ban them. Mostly Black Hat SEO is done by the help of software, so try to protect yourself from those SEO companies which use software to publish articles or create links for you.

There must be a question in your mind, what are the most common techniques in Black hat SEO? Well, there are many, and other are produced each day, but following are few of the most frequently used Black Hat SEO strategies:

Link Farming – This occurs when a set of websites of websites are hyperlinked with each other, with no concern for relevancy. It can be done manually, but mostly it is done through the help of software specially designed for this purpose. This also takes place in blogs, which is known as blog farming.

Invisible text – the invisible text is only on the website to be read by the spiders. This text is mostly in white color on the white background, full of keywords.

Stuffing of Keywords – This only occurs when a chunk of text is chockfull only with keywords, and slight else. At whatever time an SEO company generates a copy used for your website, keyword density is the main factor to be looked at. The copy should be natural and easy to read.

False Pages (Entrance Pages) – These types of pages are only meant for the search engine spiders. These pages can’t be viewed by the site’s user. They are only bogus articles, full with garbage text. So, Black Hat SEO technique is not an SEO just same as a spam email is not actually an email.

Live Outcomes – While interrogating an Internet Marketing Corporation, you should see the live results of their current clients. These live results are simply accepted to Google, through the keyword given by the company and confirming the result of the first page from the client.

Interview of existing clients– You have to internet about 1-3 clients, not the check the outcome, but to measure the position given by client to SEM. The questions you can ask to him can be as follows: Please tell us your experiences with the SEM?  Do you think that you need to renew their services?  Did you suggest their services earlier?  What developments you would like to see from SEM?  Don’t ask close ended questions. Always ask open ended questions so that you can get as much knowledge you can.

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