Seo Motivation Tips

Here are my Seo Motivation Tips. Some of them are more helpful, some less but I hope you will like all of them.

1) If you lack self-esteem you can change “s” to “c”. So only 1 letter will make you not SEO, but CEO.

2) If you are obsessed by idea that site positions were affected by google panda, just search “panda” in images and you will understand that such a lovely creature can’t harm you.

3) If you are afraid you can be fired – don’t worry, there are plenty of seo vacancies all over the world.

4) If you are from India and your seo sucks, try to do all your best anyway: you may be updated to the higher caste in the next life.

5) If it is hard to understand others (i.e. for the reason their language sucks) try to imagine that you are drunk and you will understand better.

6) If you bought some seo software and the quality is bad, don’t be sad, it was probably made in China.

7) If people don’t understand what do you do, just say you work for Google and they will think you are cool. (And it won’t be a lie cause you make your small contribution to Google)

8) If you lost a lot of money in casino, don’t be sad – these costs can return to you. (Casinos spend a lot of money for seo)

9) If you are hungry but don’t have food at the moment, RSS can feed you.

10) If you are listening to someone and he or she speaks some nonsense, don’t worry this is just a spinned content.

11) If someone is shouting at you, point a finger at him(her) and say: I delete you from friends, block and report as a spam!

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  • Frank says:

    Howdy are using WordPress on your web site system? Iam new to the blog globe nevertheless. Iam trying to get began and set up my own, personal. I additionally discovered Drupal is ok. Will see my own choice…. Educational submit, cheers.

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