Seo and your friends

“Oh, I heard you work in seo. What do I need to do to be on top of search engines and receive lots of traffic?” If you are seo specialist – probably you hear such questions from time to time. Although I’ve heard such questions many times, it’s always hard for me to answer them. It depends. That would be the best answer. But then comes many other questions, and therefore you can be involved into long discussion or better say consultation. With those who are not professionals the discussion is a waste of time.

And sometimes these new to seo people want to discuss and defend the position which they’ve heard from a friend or read at some web-site. The same comes with the consultation, it can be even more exhausting for you. For me it’s not a problem to end the conversation at once with those about whom I don’t care. But what if a friend asks you? What do you do? Do you start explaining or do you suggest you can do seo for his / her web-site? Or may be you suggest some seo company? That what I want to ask you, my friends bloggers and seo specialists. If you provide seo consulting – would you charge you friend?

Or may be you had situations when you SEO job spoiled your friendship? Either results or expectations failed. For example I had a situation when several years ago I was a head of seo department in one company and I employed my friend. He was and he is good seo specialist, but he drank a lot and missed many days work. Due to the lack of his responsibility I lost some credibility in the eyes of my boss. I was angry at my friend but it was hard for me to fire him and I did not do it. Well, occasionally I speak with him now, but I don’t expect any good results from him.

I remember one situation when I just started to work in seo, I had to refuse some proposals of friends to promote their sites. It was not about money, I was not sure I’m good enough.

And what stories do you have regarding seo and your friends. About seo and it’s impact on friendship. I hope to encourage discussion and/or your posts in similar thematics.

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