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Today Sape theme is trending among the English speaking Seo specialists. Some are exited about it, that’s understandable – such an easy way to get cheap high-quality links. Other quote the tweet of Matt Cutts and think he will crush all the system so Sape will be worthless soon.

I decided to make small review of Sape and similar to Sape sites (Setlinks, LinkFeed, MainLink). Some people think it’s better to keep other sites in secret, but in fact if someone wants – it’s very easy to find them. So I don’t feel like disclosing a secret, I already shared them with people who contacted me. Moreover I taught some of them how to use these sites, showed them and explained everything. Sape links is very very small part of the thing I do in seo so I’m not afraid of competition here.  Such sites are very easy to operate and the one with desire to learn can do it in less than a day. So here are 4 sites and their specific.


Sape is the oldest Russian link-buying-selling site, it even has a wikipedia page. Sape is operating officially and this company now is developing more than others, they have more tools than others, more custom-care and of course which is most important – the biggest base of sites.

For example there is a wordpress plugin (you can just search “sape” inside your wordpress) which makes much easier for webmasters to add their sites to the system. Just just need to install plugin, enter their ID, select the place and criteria for link placement and upload the sape folder to their web-site.

During many years of its existence SAPE generated the biggest base of webmasters and seo specialists who buy there links. So no wonder that Sape will keep it’s leading position. But still it’s better to look at the other sites.



I don’t know why, but I like the Setlinks even more than Sape. May be that’s because of its minimalistic design and simplicity. One more reason is that it’s possible to add funds by Paypal. This made Setlinks very attractive for English-speaking seos. Be prepared that you will be charged about 12-15% if you add funds by paypal. I think that’s because there are problems to withdraw paypal in Russia. Stil many English-speaking seos have problems with adding fund with their card or with webmoney so this option can be good.


One more interesting sites. Here like on Setlinks you can find even cheaper links than on Sape. But unfortunately Linkfeed doesn’t give you the possibility to upload Paypal. When Linkfeed appeared I heard the rumors that Sape made it’s cheaper version. Basically the system is the same on all sites. You create a project, add your link, anchor texts, select link requirements and search for the links either manually or on autopilot.


This site I like the least. So I always have no time to use it because I’m busy with first 3. The system is more complicated than in first 3 sites. That’s not only my opinion, that’s the impression my clients and friends told me. But there is 1 benefit – it’s possible to add funds by paypal (although I’m not sure now about their comission). One more plus of this system is that it has English version. So if you don’t like using google translator for sites you can start with MainLink in your quest for the best links.

That’s all. Probably I will write more in details later or may be will create some kind of step-by-step explanation or tutorial videos.

3 comments on Sape and Similar Sites Review

  • steven says:

    I cleared my cookies, just because your a short-sighted jackoff. Some stuff is just better left to go under the radar. You say these are not a secret, well they may not be, but they arn’t cuz of jackoffs like you. You are part of the problem.

  • sushil says:

    Hi Flodner.How are you.

    Are you from am from there and i have seen similar username and discussing about sape links on a particular thread.

    At first I want to Thank Alot for sharing this awesome news.

    I am myself just a seo freelancer working on small projects making my life somehow and looking to grow up in seo field.

    I need help regarding on how to use sape links and other sites.
    I mean no spoon feeding but need real help to buy right sape links or links from other sites for my clients .As i am freelancer really cannot loose money on buying wrong links as i have very tight budget providing seo services at cheaper rates.Also its in russian language bit problem to browse through.

    Here are my queries.Great if you can help me about it.

    I got registered in to sape.Not know how to start?
    Which links to buy that are good for my clients?
    Should i get only niche relevant links or will it work if i buy any niche links?
    And where to look to get PR 5+ links for cheap?
    Should I be paying every month for those links to stay?
    And Mainly how to use these links cleverly so that Google do not axe my cleints site.

    I am sorry if i am bothering you alot.But your kind help can help a struggling person to make his career in seo.

    Thank You Very Much,

  • admin says:

    Hello Sushil,
    Yes, I’m a member of BHW forum.
    The answers for your questions are:
    1) You can use Google translator to help you overcome language barrier. You need to use Optimizer section. Start a project, add site URL and keywords and search for links.
    2) Depending from client needs and budget. For example I prefer less links but more expensive, targeted and with good quality
    3) I think if the link is good, it can be from other niches. But I also believe that relevancy is important that why firstly I look for the links in the appropriate category
    4) You just need to enter 5 in the search criteria of minimal PR and then filter the result by price and you’ll see the cheapest results first.
    5) The price listed is by month, but you are actually paying on a daily basis. So if you cancel links or put them on hold you won’t be charged for them next day
    6) Check each site manually and use your site evaluation skills to select only best sites
    You can also monitor links from time to time, so if some of the site you are buying link from was penalized – you can cancel your link.

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