Sabine Engelhardt

Sabine Engelhardt also known as Sabine Becker is a bitch. I’ve added her to my Google+ circles and she commented “Spammer” at my last post. What’s more funny then she deleted this comment, but I’ve got the e-mail notification. Actually I don’t care what most of people think about me, moreover I don’t care what stupid ugly bitches (some people told she is very ugly that’s why she put a frog as her profile picture. Remember that tale about frog-princess?) think about me. But I think she complained to Google cause I’ve got message from Google about suspension of my account for non-real name. (I will write about it in the next post).

Why do I write about this Na, Atari-Frosch halt chronische Depression durch Repressionsamt, Hartz-geschädigt  Erwerbsunfähig BITCH Sabine Engelhardt? Consider it as a social experiment. Spammers don’t write posts about people or something non-profitable like this shit. That’s why when this post will rank #1 for keyword  “Sabine Engelhardt” her friends and relatives will take a look at this post and will ask her: “Hey Sabrine, are you a bitch?”. Hahahs, just kidding

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