RedfishCoin Token

My new hobby is – collecting tokens. Not bad hobby in a digital age. But which tokens to collect? There are more than 1000 crypto-currencies and with tokens the number might be way higher. Right now everyone can create own tokens on Waves platform, it cost only 1 WAVES (around $4.38 at the moment of writing this post).

For me, one of the indicators is marketing and community. If the token has strong marketing and strong community behind it – that’s the signature to buy it or to get for FREE (usually to get toke for free you also need to make some efforts – tweets, reposts, etc. which take time).

Redfishcoin is one of the interesting coins which I discovered. It has strong support on Steemit social network and interesting bounty campaign¬†which I advise you to join while it’s still open. I.e. I joined it and for post on Steemit, Tweet, Facebook cover – I received altogether 2.4 Redfishcoin. 0.001 I received from Redfish Faucet you can also get it, and claim every hour. But you’ll see that with bounty you’ll get way bigger amount. Also you can buy Redfishcoin on Waves platform.

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