Sabine Engelhardt

Sabine Engelhardt also known as Sabine Becker is a bitch. I’ve added her to my Google+ circles and she commented “Spammer” at my last post. What’s more funny then she deleted this comment, but I’ve got the e-mail notification. Actually I don’t care what most of people think about me, moreover I don’t care what stupid ugly bitches (some people told she is very ugly that’s why she put a frog as her profile picture. Remember that tale about frog-princess?) think about me. But I think she complained to Google cause I’ve got message from Google about suspension of my account for non-real name. (I will write about it in the next post).

Why do I write about this Na, Atari-Frosch halt chronische Depression durch Repressionsamt, Hartz-geschädigt  Erwerbsunfähig BITCH Sabine Engelhardt? Consider it as a social experiment. Spammers don’t write posts about people or something non-profitable like this shit. That’s why when this post will rank #1 for keyword  “Sabine Engelhardt” her friends and relatives will take a look at this post and will ask her: “Hey Sabrine, are you a bitch?”. Hahahs, just kidding

War is a Virtue

One of my favorite songs of Muse is Assassin. I’ve listened to it many times and I heard the first line of it as: “War as a virtue”. Of course this line is truely compatible with Assasin conception. Moreover it is compatible with my philosophical thoughts.

Right now I’ve came to the lyrics of this song and saw that the line is: “War is overdue”. So that’s like – You hear what you want to hear. And different comprehension takes place even with 1 song with not so many words. (more…)

Boyd Rice – People

Now my mood can be bestly desribed by this music composition. The text is brilliant.


So may days without writing. So many silent days. I have so many ideas and so many project, but I don’t have time and funds for the realisation of all of them. Such thing is in writing. If I fail to write even to my blog – how can I write so many guest posts and other things? It’s hard to me think of this site as the priority #1. But the number of visitors increase and that’s good. I just need to creat an ultimate axioma – not going to sleep while I have no new writing here. No, I won’t do it. But I’m more and more convinced that I need a new web-site for a new book. And this would stay as my personal site full of different thought, good article and nonsense thoughts.

Google+ invitation

Of course most of my readers are already on Google+ but if somenody still needs an invitation – don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll send it to you ASAP. E-mail:

Or you can sign up using this link:


I just thought to write a series about WordPress plugins. And today I’ve installed a new plugin, which is now visible on the head of my every post. As a way of hoping to bring more attention and traffic to my web-site I’ve composed a motto:

Like! Plus! Stumble! Tweet!
This unnecessary shit. (more…)

My Google+ account is restored

After writing previous post I’ve submitted my account to verification and today morning I see that everything is good. Well, I must acknowledge that Google+ team reacted very fast and there is no bad emotions left. I’m still looking forward to the development of this great social network.

I was banned from Google+

Your profile has been suspended 
Yesterday I wrote that I like so much Google+ and I really was so enthousiastic. But today I was banned! Shit! How could that happen? I’ve added 80 more people but that’s not huge number. Or the problem is my “non-real” identity. But a lot of people are signed up by default by their nicknames at Google+.  I will write more about Google+ tomorrow. And That’s the message I’ve got : (more…)

I like Google Plus

I must admir that I like Google+ more than any other social network. Today I’ve added more than 300 people to cirles. I don’t know anybody from that list but 10 or more added me already. So it gives quite nice percentage of following-back. Google+ which is connected to your email from the beginning is very usable and comfortable. And it’s definitely a trend now. We’ll keep watching which new features will appear there.

My Top Firefox Plugins (For seo and not only for seo)

I have my windows newly installed. And I decided to download new Mozilla Firefox (5.0.1) version. And I decide to “start my web-browsing from a new blank list”. New day is like a blank new page where there is no large amount of URLs written, boormakrs, etc. etc. So I decided to write this post about my Favorite Firefox Plugins while I will be installing them once again. (more…)