PageRank sucks as a criteria

How many people are waiting for the pagerank update? If we assume I think it would be a big number. Last year pagerank update was on New Year, then it was in April. I had an idea that PR update would be also on New Year this year. They could make this criteria biannual, updated […]

Spam is a child of Democracy

I was cleaning my spam box and briefly reviewing comments. Sometimes there might be some funny stuff among them. Of course in most cases it is ordinary robot spam, but it is at least second time when spam comment captured my attention. Here goes a comment, which I deleted with many others: I don’ agree […]

Why WordPress is Good for Seo

Press and Word your SEO WordPress offers two opportunities for the web-community. The easier choice is – you can start own blog in two minutes and have address like The other one is where you can download this free software and install in whatever you want. Both for personal blogs and for […]


New Ambition Notorious And Not Ancient Neither Amazing Nor Amatory Neither Artistic Nor Artificial. Number of Analytics Nicely Advise: “Nasty Ally is Nearby Affected by Narcotics Absolutely” Nobody Abused kNowing Approximate Next Abbreviation. NA You’re my New Ambition Not BA, but BYE, BY THE WAY But Unfortunately NA is not even N.A. But N/A and […]

The funniest spam comment ever

At one of my web-sites (not this one) I’ve received spam comment. Actually I’ve received millions of spam comments, messages, links, etc. during my web-life. But this one captured my attention! Here it is: i am just a spam comment, of course you can delate me but please, kill me fast ! I know that […]