I’ve been starting my book several times. Again and again. I don’t know if something happned but it seems I just lost the habit to write. Even here, now, I’m at the point of -1007 that means I need to write 1007 posts. This is a big amount of posts for any blog. But I’ve lost the habit to write. Did I also loos the talent? Did I had the talent? So many questions raised in my head in this New Year eve and I can’t be calm now…

World of Warcraft Infographics

It seems that World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games nowaday. I know people who play hours a day. And I decided to post this infographics about this game (more…)

Prescription Drug Abuse

One of my friends who sometimes takes drugs advized me to try LSD. Moreover she asked me to find marihuana for her, cause she failed to find it. Sometimes I think that may be I shall try to take drugs. But if I try and I like the effect there is a possbility that it would be hard for me to stop. (more…)

Link Emperor is expensive shit

I’ve got e-mail proclaiming Link Emperor as the best nowadays link building software. From the first glance I liked everything, the nice web-site design and even the brand. (The last computer game I used to play seriously was Rome Total war and Link Emperor’s design is appealing to the Roman Empire).

What was surprising is high prices. Cause these prices (the screenshot is at the end of this post) are much higher than the prices of other Seo software. Ok, but Link Emperor pretended to make all linkbulding so it could substitute all the different cheaper programs. So I decided to apply for 3-day trial. (more…)

WP Plugins -2 – Google+ Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon share

There are many plugins which allow you to share your posts to social networks easily. But among those which I’ve tried I like this one. (In WordPress dashbord it is called Twitter Facebook Social Share and is made by Kunal Chichkar). You can see it my web-site, it is small line under the title and for me it’s just the way I wanted it to look. (more…)

WordPress plugins – Favicon Generator

Due to my love of WordPress I decided to start new category about WordPress plugins. There are a lot of WordPress plugins and when I start a new site at wordpress I have to remember which plugins shall I install. So this category will be helpful even for me.

Now I usually install plugins from inside of the WordPress dashbord. This is much faster than to download and upload it by ftp. And I activate plugin as soon as it is installed. (more…)


I’m sitting in cafe, working online. Last time I feel more comfortable spending time in cafes with wi-fi access than at home. Feeling sad. Not lonely, just sad and I don’t know what to focus on right now. The existential crisis seems to be unavoidable…

Japanese Infographic

As you may now Infographics are popular now, it’s some kind of trend. That’s why I decided to post this infographic on my blog. (more…)


Today I’ve seen many people inspired by this amazing date. Even crazy atheists are playing around with this date and may be even ask for their dreams to become reality. New excitement raises as 2012 is more and more close so the end of the world is near. Of course I don’t share these simple view promoted in viral way. But the nearest future will show big wars, crisis and catastrophes. Many people will day and the worst thing is that internet can stop working. Hahaha

Google+ Ultimatum!

Google+ made its ultimatum. And this is not only my problem, but the problem for everyone whose name may seem “not real” or who would be the victim of  “neighbor watch” or some complaints. I’ve seen before posts from people being banned from G+, but it seems Google came to the final solution fighting “unreal” people. Final ultimatum. You have 4 days to prove you are real or you will be suspended. Full text of their message and screenshot are below. (more…)