PR 2

This blog has got PR 2 and I need to say that I’ve completely forgot about maintainin this blog and writing.. so I didn’t build links at all. Just one friend put several links and that’s all. Last time I got no visitors at all!

But the good news are that I’ve got PR 2 with no efforts at all 🙂

The funniest spam comment ever

At one of my web-sites (not this one) I’ve received spam comment. Actually I’ve received millions of spam comments, messages, links, etc. during my web-life.
But this one captured my attention! Here it is:

i am just a spam comment, of course you can delate me but please, kill me fast ! I know that people dont like me, but i dont care, because i am no emo or fuckin pokemon. so please MTV, let my words stay at live !

Yes, I’ve killed him fast as he (or she or it) requested. But I really appreciate the sense of humor of that seo copywriter (or anyone) who wrote it for a spam bot. It made me smile.

Links inequality

I must acknowledge that the last time I’ve stopped to follow the seo tendencies, new sites, ideas, projects, et cetera and et cetera.
I’m still sure that links, good quality links – is the main thing in seo. Links are not equal, they differ by many criterias and I think I have good seo intuition to distinguish wheather the link is good, not so good and shit link.
There is no equality in the world, there is not equality in the web as well!

Azeri rap

I like this rap although I cannot understand a word. I’ve juts heard “liberalism”, “socialism”, this political rap. I like it! It is about oppositionary political party (probably clip was made by party member) and it shows the hard life of non-governmental politicians and civilians in this Caucasian country.

I would like to hear the translation, but I don’t know anyone who knows this Azeri language.

I’m back

I’m very excited now, cause finally, finally! I’m back at my blog

I cannot imagine my life without internet and now I’m very happy to see my blog alive once again.

I spend a lot of time online: social networks, blogs, messengers, etc. etc.

Now I will write more to my own blog and thanks to everyone who remember 🙂 (more…)

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