My Top Firefox Plugins (For seo and not only for seo)

I have my windows newly installed. And I decided to download new Mozilla Firefox (5.0.1) version. And I decide to “start my web-browsing from a new blank list”. New day is like a blank new page where there is no large amount of URLs written, boormakrs, etc. etc. So I decided to write this post about my Favorite Firefox Plugins while I will be installing them once again.

1) SEO for Firefox

You can download it here. It is my favorite and most usable plugin. It allows you to get all the site data necessary for a brief site analysis.

2) Rank Checker

The plugin from the same SEObook, which  is a perfect tool for those who are not willing to make their brains burn after complicated keyword analysis. It would be easy operated by the newbies in keyword research. Simple interface and neat results. You can download it here:

3) Shareaholic

If you use social bookmarking services – you need to have a sb plugin which will save lots of your time. From the existing plugins I prefer Shareaholic (like a alcoholic, hahahaha) It has all necessary sb sites I have profiles on. You can find it here

4) FireFTP

Among many FTP clients I prefer the browser-addition which won’t add +1 extra program and window. FireFTP is easy in use so I will recommend it

5) SearchStatus

To the some extent it is similar with SEO for Firefox, but I prefer to use both. Mostly I use this plugin to highlight nofollow links, to check whois and to see the site in archive. You can find it here

So here is my top-5 plugin list. Of course there are many useful plugins, but right now I don’t plan to install more. I keep in mind some more plugins so I may write about them in future.

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