In childhood I wanted to be a polyglot, a person who speaks many languages. I tried to learn more languages in childhood and even later. But as the years passed it was harder and harder to learn languages. Moreover without the language practice I forgot many of what I’ve learnt. I think that knowledge still exists in the unconsciousness and if I will stay for some time in that language speaking environment I can restore that knowledge easily. For example I remember I used to speak good German but I did not use it for years and now it seems I’ve completely forgotten this language.

In my SEO job I like to speak with people from different countries with the help of google translator. I know that it’s almost impossible to avoid mistakes by translating big sentences this way. But I think somehow it helps me to learn new words. This post was inspired by reading the book about Global Search Engine Marketing. I have plans to do global SEO and online marketing. Not for the reasons to enlarge the number of clients and profits (in this case it would be better to focus on English language clients and projects) but because I like new things and new knowledge. In SEO which is sometimes quite boring such thing as international localization can bring both new language skills and entertainment.

Languages which I learn (or had idea to learn) include: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin (yes, the “dead language”), Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Belorussian, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Hindu and Chinese.

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  • Dneprolab says:

    Can help you with Ukrainian and Russian. 🙂

  • Well, it depends of your aim. In general, people who learn dead languages (including me) want to learn how to read in the language. We know dead languages via their literature, so people want to read those texts in the original language. It’s almost no use to know how to speak Ancient Greek or to write Ancient Egyptian.

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