I have a brilliant designer who makes great infographics. You can order infographics by contacting me at

Bloggers will get great discounts!

Firstly I thought to create a separate web-site for this infographics business. But then I decided to try – what if 1 page will suffice?

My first clients are my friends and bloggers whom I know. I don’t require a payment in advance.

Moreover I don’t have now the pricing structure. Inforgraphics are different so the price will be discussed separately for each infographic. Actually author of this famous post suggests that infographics should not cost more than $1,000. But don’t be scare of this number. Internet businesses rise and if you are the one involved in this area – your life is probably getting better too.

Here are some examples of his work:

(Both infographics are made for Ann Smarty)

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