Increase Traffic

One of my freelance jobs is traffic expert.

If you have a web-site with good traffic – you can easily increase the number of your visitors and pageviews.

That’s how it works. You place a widget on your site. Your visitors click these banners and you get 150-300% of visitors back. So it is FREE and EFFECTIVE promotion of your web-site. Moreover by increasing your traffic you increase the revenues from your advertisers (i.e. Adsense)

Here’s how it works:
1. Our content managers create noticeable teasers for posts on YOUR SITE (thumbnail & headline)
2. The teasers are published in our news system (2mln impressions daily) & in our partner sites network (in the widgets).
3. Our system shows your most popular posts in the widgets on our partner sites until we have sent you at least 150% of traffic back.
The widget is fully customizable. We will design it to blend in seamlessly with your site & you can choose the categories of news to rotate on it.
4. Additionally, we will provide you with real time statistics so you can monitor how fast the traffic on your site is growing.


You can see the example of this Traffic (Widget)Exchange of my music blog Indie Bands.

You can see widget banners in the sidebar.

To start this you can just write me an e-mail

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