Guest blogging specialists must have own blogs

Actually the most of guest bloggers do have own blogs. But this is for those who either don’t have blogs yet or don’t consider their blogs serious. The guest blogging was established by bloggers who already had their blogs with many interesting articles (or at least they considered them interesting). Guest blogging was a mean to achieve more readers and therefore more traffic to the own site. But the primary goal was readers. From my experience (and I’m sure you will agree) that the vast majority of readers do not click links in the author profile below the post. But as additional benefit comes seo effect, cause the guest post backlink can remain forever. Now guest blogging became a trend and many companies understood that it is a great tactics both for branding, pr reasons and seo. So now many guest post specialists come from seo and link building background. Very often they are not interested in blogging and sometimes they don’t even get the notion of blogging. Although it’s hardly imaginable that they will be accepted into blogging community, even they need to create their blogs. I’ll summarize the points why.

  1. Blog is a small investment.

The domain name (which costs about $10 a year) and web-hosting is probably the smallest investment you can make in the internet. The bigger investment as it seems to me is your time, which you spend on creation, management and update of your blog. But without such investment you won’t be considered serious by many other people. If 10 years ago it was cool to have own web-site, not it’s strange not to have one. I mean it’s strange for those people who spend a lot of time online. It’s better to stay away from free domains like blogspot and wordpress. I think it can only hurt your reputation, unless your content is really amazing. Free blogs are either for newbies or for spammers. And even if you are newbie, I suppose you don’t want to remain in this status forever.

  1. You will better understand blog owners

Sometimes it can be irritative not to receive responses for you guest blogging requests. But try to imagine that you receive hundreds e-mails a week which you need not only to read and reply, but to post the content from letters, or at least review them. That’s a cruel example but I hope you got the point. Some new guest blogging specialists think that blog owners have no other things to do except managing their blog, so they expect blog owners to post their new post as soon as possible. It’s very useful to have own blog (or several blogs) – cause then you will better understand blog owners. Very soon you will achieve the necessary experience in managing and configuring your blog. This may give you some helpful tips how to better format and design your future guest posts. Moreover after keeping own blog you will understand better the psychology of bloggers.

  1. It can be your visit card

You can make the visit card from your blog. For example you can keep there your examples of guest blogging posts, your CV and all necessary contacts. Then your blog can become additional method of receiving clients. Moreover you blog can be your name brand which will help you to maintain good relationships with other bloggers.

  1. It can be profitable

There are probably thousands of people or even more who dream to live from blogging and do nothing. Of course (especially in the beginning) your blog won’t substitute your daily job. But it can bring additional income. Most of bloggers know how to monetize their blogs. Your revenues will increase as long as your blog traffic and blog rank increases.

I think these 4 reasons will suffice to persuade guest blogging specialists without blogs to start blogging on their own.

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