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As you can see from my avatar’s screenshot I’ve just wrote my 666th post at MyBlogGuest forum. Firstly I thought to name this post “Satanic guest blogging” or “How I sold my soul to guest blogging Devil”. But I decided to go with modest title like Guest blogging addiction.

Addiction as a notion can be positive or negative. Most wide-known negative addictions include drug-addiction, alcohol-addiction, etc. Positive addiction can be for example some goal-oriented work, or total dedication of artists in times of the creation of their masterpieces. Even love is considered by many people as addiction.

Computer addiction, internet addiction, social network addiction are often discussed. For sure it is not proved if these addictions are positive or negative. I think it depends. The people you admire (you – I mean average internet users) were addicted – Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Google workers – all they were successful not despite their addiction but the help of it. In contrast to many other people who spend days and nights online, chatting about some shit or watching entertainment shows or spending bucks for downloading porno. In their case their addiction is if not a disease – bad habit.

Last time I spend a lot of time in guest blogging. Actually, that is my favorite seo job and it goes far beyond seo. Not only the process of writing article takes a lot of time, but the process of managing. It’s very easy to find blogs. Everyone can do it, just by typing query into google or some other search engine. It’s also not so hard to find good-quality blogs cause usually they are at the top of results. The most important part is managing your content and your connections by written correspondence and some other means.

Definitely guest blogging is a trend now. I don’t know how long will it last, but now for me it seems to be the most interesting link-building technique in web 2.0. Something really radical must be born to sweep out this trend. I’ve got more and more requests both to publish my guest posts and to publish posts on my sites. I even think that I need to increase the number of my sites and allow guest posts there. But guest posting takes so much time that sometimes I can’t do other things I planned to do online. It’s definitely an addiction, one more proof is that sometimes I check my e-mail which I use for guest posting more frequently than my personal mail!

But assuming all I wrote about addictions above I consider guest blogging a positive addiction. I know there are people who are also addicted (at least to some extent) to guest blogging. And I think we need to unite, may be in society of Anonymous Guest-Bloggers (like anonymous alcoholics), if MyBlogGuest would not exist – I think I would focus on creation of this community.  But now I don’t see the reason for doing it, I have enough contacts with bloggers from all around the world. We’ll see if other bloggers will recognize their addiction and then may be we’ll try to find some treatment. Not to quit guest blogging, but on the contrast – to force our addictiveness work for us and make us happy and successful.

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