Google+ Ultimatum!

Google+ made its ultimatum. And this is not only my problem, but the problem for everyone whose name may seem “not real” or who would be the victim of  “neighbor watch” or some complaints. I’ve seen before posts from people being banned from G+, but it seems Google came to the final solution fighting “unreal” people. Final ultimatum. You have 4 days to prove you are real or you will be suspended. Full text of their message and screenshot are below.


After reviewing your profile, it appears that the name you entered does not comply with the Google+ Names Policy. Please log in to Google+ and visit your profile to learn more and take action.

The Names Policy requires that you use the name you are commonly referred to in real life in your profile. Nicknames, previous names and so on should be entered in the Other Names section of the profile. Profiles are currently limited to individuals; we will be launching profiles for businesses and other entities later this year.

If you do not edit your name to comply with our Names policy or appeal with additional information within four days of receiving this message, your profile will be suspended. While suspended, you will not be able to make full use of Google services that require an active profile, such as Google+, Buzz, Reader and Picasa. This will not prevent you from using other Google services, like Gmail.

The Google+ team.


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