Going beyond mediocrity

I haven’t posted for about a month here. It’s not that I had nothing to say, on the contrary I had too many thoughts and it wasn’t easy to formulate them into 1-blog-post format. What can I say regarding latest Google updates if there are many other people, more knowledgeable and more experienced than me who talk and post a lot about it.

The problem is not about making conclusions and changing the tactics. The problem is about going beyond mediocrity. I just started to watch Steven Hull’s speech at Brighton SEO who talks about Black Swan. Never heard about Steven before but the Black Swan book is really great, although it contains so much data so I think Nassim Taleb could make a “Light” version for the masses. But anyway it won’t help the most of the people who read it, because they won’t go beyond their linear knowledge.  It did not help me (yet). There is nothing new under the sun. Like most of SEO people I failed to predict Google’s changes, the real Black Swan in search engine optimization area. It was a surprise and even the drop of sites’ positions seemed to be a temporarily mistake.

What do we need for our sites to be better displayed in search results? What Google likes? What Google favors? Google likes Brands, Google likes Social and Google likes Wikipedia style. These are the things many specialists say now so I don’t claim to open a secret. But what exactly to do? Most of the SEOs will continue their mediocre job, they will just change the types of links and their link-building strategy.

Unfortunately now I’m among many other ordinary SEOs, in other case I would be among well-known speakers, or even more – among great web-entrepreneurs. I have lots of ideas, but what the use of them if I have no time for them to start. But anyway I don’t plan to remain long at this point. And hopefully I will go with some solution in the nearest future. Will go beyond mediocrity.

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  • Sanjeeb says:

    Dear Flodner,

    You are absolutely correct there are lots of thing happening in SEO world and everybody has their own answers. So we should always share our point of view so that people can discuss on it and we can surely come to an logical conclusion

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