Crypto Faucets

Here I list different Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Faucets. I spent lots of time checking them, some of them – many times, to be sure I list only the ones which Pay, and the Best ones. Do let me know about new crypto-currency faucet – you can send me e-mail:

First of all you’ll need FAUCETHUB Account which will allow you to receive micropayments, and when the balance reaches some level (i.e. for Bitcoins it is 0.0002, for DOGE – 10 which is really easy to reach, if you are an active Faucet clickers)

Theviralexchange – site where you can earn viral points by sharing/following/liking with Twitter, G+, Facebook, Youtube. You can also earn Tokens (i.e. right now there is HST tokens available). 130 viral points is minimum to withdraw and you can withdraw them into Blitz crypto-currency


EOBOT – Gives around 100 Satoshis every day. The site has many other functions such as exchange of crypto, cloud mining, etc.

WAPSERV.INFO Pays 25-100 Satoshis every 30 minutes. – around 10-30 Satoshis or more you can claim every hour – 10 Satoshis you can claim every 5 minutes


WAPSERV BCC – More than 10-100 BCH satoshis you can claim every hour – Around 70 Satoshis every 10 min

LITECOIN FAUCETS – around 0.00001455 LTC you can claim every hour – some litecoin satoshis every 5 minutes


WAPSERV DOGE – around 0.4 – 3 DOGE you can claim every hour – 0.5 – 3 DOGE every hour but has limit (after you claim several times)


WAPSERV.INFO/BLACKCOIN You can claim this faucet every 5 minutes Рsomething around 0.00239854 or 0.00388608 BLK you can claim every hour. – around 60000 satoshi you can claim every 5 minutes

DASH FAUCETS – around 0.00000246 DASH you can claim every hour – 100 satoshis you can claim every 10 minutes

PEERCOIN FAUCETS – around 0.00043437 PPC you can claim every hour – 1000 satoshis every 10 minutes

PRIMECOIN FAUCETS You can claim this faucet every 5 minutes – around 0.00343656 XPM or 0.00202564 XPM you can claim every hour


Very Often new and less known Crypto-currencies suggest their own Faucets, where the amount of coins you can get is a Way bigger than the amount you can get from the links above. I’m listing them too.

Deep Onion Faucet

You can receive around some DeepONION every 2 hour. For more bounties for this cryptocurrency you can join their official Forum and discord channel.

Burst Faucet

Burst is perspective cryptocurrency with PoC (Proof of Capacity) and strong marketing.

Gridcoin Faucet

Gridcoin is cryptocurrency which you can mine by using your CPU, GPU for scientific projects calculation. Gridcoin has strong community.

Karbowanec Faucet

This faucet is often dry, but still I’m listing it. Everyone can mine Karbowanec with CPU as mining is done from the wallet.

Leviar Coin

Earn 0.5 FREE LeviarCoin / hour. Minimum payment threshold is 50 XLC. Pays every week on Mondays

MorningStar Faucet

WAVES Faucet


Many Crypto-currencies you can trade on sites like Cryptopia, Bittrex, Polnoiex, NovaExchange, etc.