I don’t position myself as the seo consultant, however I can consult you on different seo topics, starting from the simplest till most complicated seo strategies for the big businesses.

My clients are mostly people who know me and I achieve most of the clients by personal recommendations. That’s why this page is not to provide new users with testimonials and persuade them to contact me, but probably to notify those who  already know me that I also can provide consultations.

The topics I can consult you are very different. I will name some: seo, social media, web development, marketing, management, economics, business, psychology, politics, personal development.

I know that selecting a specific topic in consulting is better. So the potential clients would like more the information that I consult about seo and link building than would see such a broad list of topics.

But I’ll try to be unspecific here.

The first consultation is free! In any of the topics mentioned  above I can consult you for free, and then if you will see the results and effects from my advices– we will continue working together.

Just contact me by:

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