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My Google+ account is restored

After writing previous post I’ve submitted my account to verification and today morning I see that everything is good. Well, I must acknowledge that Google+ team reacted very fast and there is no bad emotions left. I’m still looking forward to the development of this great social network.

I was banned from Google+

Your profile has been suspended  Yesterday I wrote that I like so much Google+ and I really was so enthousiastic. But today I was banned! Shit! How could that happen? I’ve added 80 more people but that’s not huge number. Or the problem is my “non-real” identity. But a lot of people are signed up by default by their nicknames… (more…)

I like Google Plus

I must admir that I like Google+ more than any other social network. Today I’ve added more than 300 people to cirles. I don’t know anybody from that list but 10 or more added me already. So it gives quite nice percentage of following-back. Google+ which is connected to your email from the beginning is very usable and comfortable. And… (more…)

Cash Catcher Idiot – Michael Cheney

Did you try some promised paid methods in the internet marketing? Have you found some use from it? I’ve seen many pages (made from one template), its strange cause these long 1-page sites themselves contradict the all rules of marketing. The information must be brief, and not a lot of repeated lines at 1 long page. I’ve found these site… (more…)

Facebook will end on March 15?

Try to enter in google “facebook will” and you can be surprised that you will see such choices: – facebook wil end – facebook will end on march 15th – facebook will shut down – facebook will be shut down And then you can follow several stories which quote Mar Zuckerberg that he will close the facebook. These articles look… (more…)

The Social Network film is shit

Finally I’ve found time to watch this film. Actually I was thick with high temperature and I was not capable neither work nor read. So I asked myself – what do I prefer to watch? I like horror films and thrillers, but I don’t watch such films with my girlfriend. So I decided to watch The Social Network. I’ve heard… (more…)

Spam is a child of Democracy

I was cleaning my spam box and briefly reviewing comments. Sometimes there might be some funny stuff among them. Of course in most cases it is ordinary robot spam, but it is at least second time when spam comment captured my attention. Here goes a comment, which I deleted with many others: I don’ agree with the above post, and… (more…)

Who is looking for me?

Right now I’ve noticed a visitor at my web-site who cam from the google query “flodner”. It seems it is first time when I see somebody googling my name. I’m not yet a famous person. I see that the searcher is from US. So I decided to write quick post, and you, stranger, if you are interested in me –… (more…)

social media integration

Nowadays there are so many social network web-sites, applications and tools so one might be lost in them. Also there are many integration possibilities, especially for highly popular services (google, facebook, twitter, et cetera and et cetera). Today I’ve looked the big list of different social media sites I’ve used to register and added many of them to What… (more…)

I swear

I swear that I will wrote to this blog regularly. No, I don’t say “EVERY DAY” but regularly. I’m not sure now which specialization it will get cause I’m interested in many things. But I promise that very soon readers will get a lot of interesting content.