Guest blogging addiction

As you can see from my avatar’s screenshot I’ve just wrote my 666th post at MyBlogGuest forum. Firstly I thought to name this post “Satanic guest blogging” or “How I sold my soul to guest blogging Devil”. But I decided to go with modest title like Guest blogging addiction. Addiction as a notion can be […]

Why Google Adsense sucks

There are many methods to monetize your web-site. There are hundreds of articles and sites dedicated to this topic. It’s very broad topic and may be in future articles I will focus on some methods which I consider the best ones. But in this article I would like to focus on the WORST method. Unfortunately […]

The Social Network film is shit

Finally I’ve found time to watch this film. Actually I was thick with high temperature and I was not capable neither work nor read. So I asked myself – what do I prefer to watch? I like horror films and thrillers, but I don’t watch such films with my girlfriend. So I decided to watch […]

Spam is a child of Democracy

I was cleaning my spam box and briefly reviewing comments. Sometimes there might be some funny stuff among them. Of course in most cases it is ordinary robot spam, but it is at least second time when spam comment captured my attention. Here goes a comment, which I deleted with many others: I don’ agree […]