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My Top Firefox Plugins (For seo and not only for seo)

I have my windows newly installed. And I decided to download new Mozilla Firefox (5.0.1) version. And I decide to “start my web-browsing from a new blank list”. New day is like a blank new page where there is no large amount of URLs written, boormakrs, etc. etc. So I decided to write this post about my Favorite Firefox Plugins… (more…)

PageRank sucks as a criteria

How many people are waiting for the pagerank update? If we assume I think it would be a big number. Last year pagerank update was on New Year, then it was in April. I had an idea that PR update would be also on New Year this year. They could make this criteria biannual, updated randomly twice a year. But… (more…)

Twitter – Zwitter

I was wondering how did nobody discover this similarity both in name and pronunciation. ‘Zwitter’ is Hermaphrodite in German language. Once I’ve made this video which has 1,585 views for this particular moment. It was uploaded on June 4th, 2009. So this amount of views is quite small, taking to the account that twitter remained a trend for all this… (more…)

An old seo article

Hello once again. As you can see – the previous post was my old seo article. It is very-very old. I didn’t even had it on my laptop, only on the old hard drive which I don’t use for a long time. I’ve found it accidentally on my gmail account. I think that almost every active internet user can find… (more…)

Why WordPress is Good for Seo

Press and Word your SEO WordPress offers two opportunities for the web-community. The easier choice is – you can start own blog in two minutes and have address like The other one is where you can download this free software and install in whatever you want. Both for personal blogs and for commercial sites I recommend to… (more…)

The Google domination

What do you think when the Google domination would stop? I don’t mean it should be considered as some goal. No, not at all. But the internet is changing rapidly and dramaticly. New ideas, new projects and new companies could change Google’s monopoly. But when? Now Google’s profits grow and so do their products and services. I.e. I really like… (more…)

PR 2

This blog has got PR 2 and I need to say that I’ve completely forgot about maintainin this blog and writing.. so I didn’t build links at all. Just one friend put several links and that’s all. Last time I got no visitors at all! But the good news are that I’ve got PR 2 with no efforts at all… (more…)

The funniest spam comment ever

At one of my web-sites (not this one) I’ve received spam comment. Actually I’ve received millions of spam comments, messages, links, etc. during my web-life. But this one captured my attention! Here it is: i am just a spam comment, of course you can delate me but please, kill me fast ! I know that people dont like me, but… (more…)

Links inequality

I must acknowledge that the last time I’ve stopped to follow the seo tendencies, new sites, ideas, projects, et cetera and et cetera. I’m still sure that links, good quality links – is the main thing in seo. Links are not equal, they differ by many criterias and I think I have good seo intuition to distinguish wheather the link… (more…)