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I just thought to write a series about WordPress plugins. And today I’ve installed a new plugin, which is now visible on the head of my every post. As a way of hoping to bring more attention and traffic to my web-site I’ve composed a motto: Like! Plus! Stumble! Tweet! This unnecessary shit.


Autumn lacks rains Friday is just an ordinary friday Is nothing more than another day If you have strong and permanent pain.

A final look at your profile

A final look At your profile photo Black and white like your dreams Which you have as rarely as you write to me


New Ambition Notorious And Not Ancient Neither Amazing Nor Amatory Neither Artistic Nor Artificial. Number of Analytics Nicely Advise: “Nasty Ally is Nearby Affected by Narcotics Absolutely” Nobody Abused kNowing Approximate Next Abbreviation. NA You’re my New Ambition Not BA, but BYE, BY THE WAY But Unfortunately NA is not even N.A. But N/A and stands for Not Available.