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I decided to close this section and these posts started with -10**. Firstly I thought that each post should be kind of small chapter for a book which I should write online. But I posted rarely and the different topics of this blog distracted the attention. Moreover I didn’t get the attention I thought I will get. To write an… (more…)


The winter is nice. It may be called classic winter, which is often shown in movies and good art masterpieces. What I thought (actually it was before new year) that I should work hard and overtime this cold period so that in spring I will travel all the time. But now the mood is not so good. Web romances or… (more…)


I’ve been starting my book several times. Again and again. I don’t know if something happned but it seems I just lost the habit to write. Even here, now, I’m at the point of -1007 that means I need to write 1007 posts. This is a big amount of posts for any blog. But I’ve lost the habit to write.… (more…)


I’m sitting in cafe, working online. Last time I feel more comfortable spending time in cafes with wi-fi access than at home. Feeling sad. Not lonely, just sad and I don’t know what to focus on right now. The existential crisis seems to be unavoidable…


So may days without writing. So many silent days. I have so many ideas and so many project, but I don’t have time and funds for the realisation of all of them. Such thing is in writing. If I fail to write even to my blog – how can I write so many guest posts and other things? It’s hard… (more…)


I haven’t been writing any literal stuff here for a long time. Web is so overloaded with texts so I don’t think one can regret. These sunny days may be perfect in 3 cases. 1) If you are somewhere on the beach 2) If you are somewhere on the north, in the cold country 3) If you work all the… (more…)


Right now I’m sitting in a bar drinking beer and I see that the feeling of solitude has almost gone. I’m so busy with work and my private life so I seldom have time for my friends and my other projects. Now I don’t feel myself as an artist. Even the visitors of this site come here mostly for the… (more…)


There are no limits of things which can wonder you @ web. In example I’ve found this video. Although I dislike and even hate pop music, this song is the one I like. Cause it ressurrects my memories from the past, when I used to hear this song very often on radio. On my cheap, shit-radio when I was a… (more…)


If different situations and occasion repeat in your particular case – it does not give you the right to state that history repeats. But if you do believe in the cyclic approach of history (and I think it is much more truthful way of history comprehension) – it would be no wonder that different actions, moments and stories repeat in… (more…)


The cold winter is a perfect time for any computer-related job, including the job of seo specialist. And a hot summer as well if you can enjoy air conditioning. Of course I prefer spring and autumn, especially the rainy days. My novel of Megapolis steppenwolf has not started yet. But I’m not the machine of producing texts, it is easier… (more…)