So may days without writing. So many silent days. I have so many ideas and so many project, but I don’t have time and funds for the realisation of all of them. Such thing is in writing. If I fail to write even to my blog – how can I write so many guest posts […]

Google+ invitation

Of course most of my readers are already on Google+ but if somenody still needs an invitation – don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll send it to you ASAP. E-mail: flodner@gmail.com Or you can sign up using this link: https://plus.google.com/_/notifications/ngemlink?path=%2F%3Fgpinv%3Dllz1zg1kvVE%3Al-zxcjF8-GY


I just thought to write a series about WordPress plugins. And today I’ve installed a new plugin, which is now visible on the head of my every post. As a way of hoping to bring more attention and traffic to my web-site I’ve composed a motto: Like! Plus! Stumble! Tweet! This unnecessary shit.

My Google+ account is restored

After writing previous post I’ve submitted my account to verification and today morning I see that everything is good. Well, I must acknowledge that Google+ team reacted very fast and there is no bad emotions left. I’m still looking forward to the development of this great social network.

I was banned from Google+

Your profile has been suspended  Yesterday I wrote that I like so much Google+ and I really was so enthousiastic. But today I was banned! Shit! How could that happen? I’ve added 80 more people but that’s not huge number. Or the problem is my “non-real” identity. But a lot of people are signed up […]

I like Google Plus

I must admir that I like Google+ more than any other social network. Today I’ve added more than 300 people to cirles. I don’t know anybody from that list but 10 or more added me already. So it gives quite nice percentage of following-back. Google+ which is connected to your email from the beginning is […]

My Top Firefox Plugins (For seo and not only for seo)

I have my windows newly installed. And I decided to download new Mozilla Firefox (5.0.1) version. And I decide to “start my web-browsing from a new blank list”. New day is like a blank new page where there is no large amount of URLs written, boormakrs, etc. etc. So I decided to write this post […]


I haven’t been writing any literal stuff here for a long time. Web is so overloaded with texts so I don’t think one can regret. These sunny days may be perfect in 3 cases. 1) If you are somewhere on the beach 2) If you are somewhere on the north, in the cold country 3) […]

The Real Meaning of Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO might give you immediate results but getting your website being dropped from the Search Engine directories or being banned overall… Black hat SEO is one of the seo techniques which are used by unethical article firms, as well as online advertising sites by tricking the search engines to give them a higher […]

The review of social bookmarking – Its effects on society

Nowadays, most of the people are tending to visit the websites which help you in socializing, networking and sharing. Some of the experts have negative opinion about such websites because they waste a lot of precious time of the busy users. It is important to note that all such websites are not posing negative effects […]