Seo and your friends

“Oh, I heard you work in seo. What do I need to do to be on top of search engines and receive lots of traffic?” If you are seo specialist – probably you hear such questions from time to time. Although I’ve heard such questions many times, it’s always hard for me to answer them. It depends. That would be… (more…)

Who is Flodner?

Some people ask me if Flodner is my real name. Do you know someone with a name Flodner? I don’t. That’s a nickname or I prefer the word – pseudonym. Actually I agree that it’s better to have your real name in blogging. So by choosing Flodner as my presentation name for almost everything I do online I knew that… (more…)

Guest blogging specialists must have own blogs

Actually the most of guest bloggers do have own blogs. But this is for those who either don’t have blogs yet or don’t consider their blogs serious. The guest blogging was established by bloggers who already had their blogs with many interesting articles (or at least they considered them interesting). Guest blogging was a mean to achieve more readers and… (more…)

Guest blogging addiction

As you can see from my avatar’s screenshot I’ve just wrote my 666th post at MyBlogGuest forum. Firstly I thought to name this post “Satanic guest blogging” or “How I sold my soul to guest blogging Devil”. But I decided to go with modest title like Guest blogging addiction. Addiction as a notion can be positive or negative. Most wide-known… (more…)

Why Google Adsense sucks

There are many methods to monetize your web-site. There are hundreds of articles and sites dedicated to this topic. It’s very broad topic and may be in future articles I will focus on some methods which I consider the best ones. But in this article I would like to focus on the WORST method. Unfortunately now it is also one… (more…)

Top SEO Trumps

In childhood I used to play cards. Probably one of the most interesting deck of card I had was with nude girls. But that was in childhood and since that time I had a lot of different type of cards (cities, politicians, cats, football players, etc.) Now I don’t have time for playing cards, I even don’t play computer games… (more…)

Pretty Awesome Mentor – Jon Morrow

At the beginning I thought to name this post “How to make $59 000 in 6 month by guest blogging”. But I decided to name it “Pretty Awesome Mentor” cause this post will be basically about Jon Morrow and “pretty awesome” is his favorite phrase. (Like it seems many people use it now, and it annoys and teases me). “Pretty… (more…)


I decided to close this section and these posts started with -10**. Firstly I thought that each post should be kind of small chapter for a book which I should write online. But I posted rarely and the different topics of this blog distracted the attention. Moreover I didn’t get the attention I thought I will get. To write an… (more…)


The winter is nice. It may be called classic winter, which is often shown in movies and good art masterpieces. What I thought (actually it was before new year) that I should work hard and overtime this cold period so that in spring I will travel all the time. But now the mood is not so good. Web romances or… (more…)

SOPA is just a first sign of a ZHOPA

Many people nowadays are curious about SOPA, what it is and how to fight it. Wikipedia shut down, of course only for a while and only partially, but many people noticed their protest. I won’t explain what it is in details, I think all could be said in 1 phrase. The bill, if made law, would expand the ability of… (more…)