I was smoking at the balcony and I thought about letters. I’ve bought an ink for my ink pen two days ago. My hadwriting is no so beautiful as some people have, but using the ink pen it get some special charm and attractiveness. So I decided to write a REAL handwritten letter on a paper and send it to… (more…)


Today I had a question regarding my first post in this book. Regarding the time and the person who went offline. Well… I must admit – I feiled to make complete depersonalization. I could not suppose that she (who asked that question) will ever visit this blog. Something is unclear. But in fact I do not care ). The more… (more…)


It was a rainy morning when I wend to sell freedom. The rain always reminds me about perspectives. And this interview tended to be perspective and promising. The head of department was a woman and it was a plus for me! We’ve talked for more than one hour. And she was talking more. It also good sign, cause if I… (more…)


My ideas about possible bug brought me to conclusion that the fact the number was in URL made this bug happen. I’ll check now. Hopefully this is the point.

The Google domination

What do you think when the Google domination would stop? I don’t mean it should be considered as some goal. No, not at all. But the internet is changing rapidly and dramaticly. New ideas, new projects and new companies could change Google’s monopoly. But when? Now Google’s profits grow and so do their products and services. I.e. I really like… (more…)


The same thing. Final try and I go to sleep whatever result it would be


Some bug with my previous writing. Finally I’ve came up with the decision of continuous novel-writing process and some forces distract me. I have no time and desire to find the reason why this bug occured. That’s why I have to write this second short and not-so-literal post – to check wheather it will go withour bug. May not it… (more…)

– 1035

I had to choose something as a way for making titles to this novel. At 10.35 PM my last message was sent to her. Some time later she went offline. Not available was written in that messenger. And I wrote a poem with the name NA. And I had to choose some numeration for my novel. When I smoked and… (more…)


New Ambition Notorious And Not Ancient Neither Amazing Nor Amatory Neither Artistic Nor Artificial. Number of Analytics Nicely Advise: “Nasty Ally is Nearby Affected by Narcotics Absolutely” Nobody Abused kNowing Approximate Next Abbreviation. NA You’re my New Ambition Not BA, but BYE, BY THE WAY But Unfortunately NA is not even N.A. But N/A and stands for Not Available.

I swear

I swear that I will wrote to this blog regularly. No, I don’t say “EVERY DAY” but regularly. I’m not sure now which specialization it will get cause I’m interested in many things. But I promise that very soon readers will get a lot of interesting content.