Monthly Archives: January 2012


The winter is nice. It may be called classic winter, which is often shown in movies and good art masterpieces. What I thought (actually it was before new year) that I should work hard and overtime this cold period so that in spring I will travel all the time. But now the mood is not so good. Web romances or… (more…)

SOPA is just a first sign of a ZHOPA

Many people nowadays are curious about SOPA, what it is and how to fight it. Wikipedia shut down, of course only for a while and only partially, but many people noticed their protest. I won’t explain what it is in details, I think all could be said in 1 phrase. The bill, if made law, would expand the ability of… (more…)


I’ve been starting my book several times. Again and again. I don’t know if something happned but it seems I just lost the habit to write. Even here, now, I’m at the point of -1007 that means I need to write 1007 posts. This is a big amount of posts for any blog. But I’ve lost the habit to write.… (more…)

World of Warcraft Infographics

It seems that World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games nowaday. I know people who play hours a day. And I decided to post this infographics about this game

Prescription Drug Abuse

One of my friends who sometimes takes drugs advized me to try LSD. Moreover she asked me to find marihuana for her, cause she failed to find it. Sometimes I think that may be I shall try to take drugs. But if I try and I like the effect there is a possbility that it would be hard for me… (more…)