Discover the Truth and Block Fake News with Trive™ Engine!

“The truth is the truth no matter who speaks it.” The 2016 United States electoral process demonstrated that we live in the age of lies and deceit and most of the current news are “fake news”. People are willing to receive the truth about events in the world. However, do we have the opportunity to […]

Horizon State (HST) ICO – The future of Voting

BITCOINTALK FORUM  [ANN] ICO Decision Token (HST) Post BITCOINTALK FORUM [BOUNTY] Post Twitter / Facebook / Youtube Bounty is made on TheviralExchange OUR MOTIVATION We live in a world where the smartphones in our pockets have more computing power than NASA had to get us to the moon, yet the way we govern our societies […]

RedfishCoin Token

My new hobby is – collecting tokens. Not bad hobby in a digital age. But which tokens to collect? There are more than 1000 crypto-currencies and with tokens the number might be way higher. Right now everyone can create own tokens on Waves platform, it cost only 1 WAVES (around $4.38 at the moment of […]


Up till now, the easiest giveaway I’ve seen is AGROTOKEN You just need to have WAVES wallet and fill the simple form listed in this thread I received 50 Agrotokens, and you can check my short video how it’s possible to sell it on WAVES (Actually then I canceled the selling order, I did […]

Сlaimwithme Faucet is a Scam

More than a month passed since I started to use this faucet – Claimwithme. I found about it on facebook add and then checked the thread on Bitcointalk forum. I was new to this forum and to faucets in general and I thought that the fact Faucet is approved and praised by Bitcointalkforum – it […]

Action Gamble (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dice Game) + Free Faucet

As I said before Gaming (and Gambling) is bad, but if you already game – do it in Bitcoins) Today I want to share with you nice gaming site where you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dice Game with other players, speak in chat, etc – ACTION-GAMBLE.COM Also if you are on Bitcointalks – there […]

Best Bitcoin Faucet that Pays – Wapserv

There are many bitcoin faucets, and lots of scam among them. That’s why I decided to test several and I selected the one which pays, it seems it’s one of the best ones (although I didn’t test all of them) and it doesn’t require any investment from your side. So it is WAPSERV.INFO As you […]

Google Hits with Webmaster Tools

There are 2 opposite opinion regarding Google’s Webmaster Tools. One opinion is that webmaster tools help you to manage and rank your site, another one is that their impact is rather negative. That’s probably clear that if you use only white-hat methods Webmaster Tools will be helpful. And if you are using some black-hat methods […]

Sape and Similar Sites Review

Today Sape theme is trending among the English speaking Seo specialists. Some are exited about it, that’s understandable – such an easy way to get cheap high-quality links. Other quote the tweet of Matt Cutts and think he will crush all the system so Sape will be worthless soon. I decided to make small review […]

Sape Services

As I’ve noticed recently Sape is a trending topic among the SEOs and online marketing. Some consider it a a great way to obtain high-quality links, others think Google will soon ban this “network. However most of the specialists who tried it are happy. We can’t predict future. And now the main obstacle for the […]