Google Hits with Webmaster Tools

There are 2 opposite opinion regarding Google’s Webmaster Tools. One opinion is that webmaster tools help you to manage and rank your site, another one is that their impact is rather negative. That’s probably clear that if you use only white-hat methods Webmaster Tools will be helpful. And if you are using some black-hat methods […]

Sape and Similar Sites Review

Today Sape theme is trending among the English speaking Seo specialists. Some are exited about it, that’s understandable – such an easy way to get cheap high-quality links. Other quote the tweet of Matt Cutts and think he will crush all the system so Sape will be worthless soon. I decided to make small review […]

Sape Services

As I’ve noticed recently Sape is a trending topic among the SEOs and online marketing. Some consider it a a great way to obtain high-quality links, others think Google will soon ban this “network. However most of the specialists who tried it are happy. We can’t predict future. And now the main obstacle for the […]

Selling Links as Monetization Method for Your Blog

“Inspirationis not for sale, However, you cansell a manuscript.” Pushkin These words of classical Russian poet came to my mind when I decided to write a post about one of the monetization methods for blog owners. Although these lines were written long time before the digital era, I think most of the bloggers will agree […]

Going beyond mediocrity

I haven’t posted for about a month here. It’s not that I had nothing to say, on the contrary I had too many thoughts and it wasn’t easy to formulate them into 1-blog-post format. What can I say regarding latest Google updates if there are many other people, more knowledgeable and more experienced than me […]


In childhood I wanted to be a polyglot, a person who speaks many languages. I tried to learn more languages in childhood and even later. But as the years passed it was harder and harder to learn languages. Moreover without the language practice I forgot many of what I’ve learnt. I think that knowledge still […]

Seo Motivation Tips

Here are my Seo Motivation Tips. Some of them are more helpful, some less but I hope you will like all of them. 1) If you lack self-esteem you can change “s” to “c”. So only 1 letter will make you not SEO, but CEO. 2) If you are obsessed by idea that site positions […]

Seo and your friends

“Oh, I heard you work in seo. What do I need to do to be on top of search engines and receive lots of traffic?” If you are seo specialist – probably you hear such questions from time to time. Although I’ve heard such questions many times, it’s always hard for me to answer them. […]

Who is Flodner?

Some people ask me if Flodner is my real name. Do you know someone with a name Flodner? I don’t. That’s a nickname or I prefer the word – pseudonym. Actually I agree that it’s better to have your real name in blogging. So by choosing Flodner as my presentation name for almost everything I […]

Guest blogging specialists must have own blogs

Actually the most of guest bloggers do have own blogs. But this is for those who either don’t have blogs yet or don’t consider their blogs serious. The guest blogging was established by bloggers who already had their blogs with many interesting articles (or at least they considered them interesting). Guest blogging was a mean […]