My eBook on Kindle – How to be Successful on UPWORK

I published my book on Amazon Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited – you can read it for free. Also I would be very thankful for your feedback!

Upwork is a global marketplace for freelancers. Frederick is TOP-RATED freelancer there and he shares his Steps How to achieve Top-rated badge, how to build powerful profile on Upwork and how to get lots of clients.
Moreover his tips explain how to maintain long-term cooperation with clients and how to mobilize additional aspects on Upwork which would improve freelancer’s performance and would make higher chances to get high-quality jobs on Upwork.

Upwork can give everything to their freelancers, starting from huge well-known client which can hire you on long-term basis, to lots of small clients with whom you can work for a short periods of time.

The author advises to follow 5 steps to achieve Success on Upwork:
Step 1. Composing your profile
Step 2. Getting first clients
Step 3. Talking to your client
Step 4. Becoming Top-Rated Freelancer – Very Important Step
Step 5. Try to maintain long-term relations with your clients

Seo and Video Hosting

If you are in seo you probably know that videos became very important for seo and online marketing.

First of all, by making creative video you can get direct traffic, customers, brand awareness, etc. etc. More and more people search for videos on google and other search engines.

There are several options:

1) You can host your videos on such sites as Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and many others. However the research showed that people tend to hang on those video sites and they rarely click links in description or inside the videos.

2) Second option is to upload your video to some video site and then embed it to your site. In this case there are also many providers. But after checking several of them I came to conclusion that I prefer Vimeo PRO.


Google Hits with Webmaster Tools

There are 2 opposite opinion regarding Google’s Webmaster Tools. One opinion is that webmaster tools help you to manage and rank your site, another one is that their impact is rather negative. That’s probably clear that if you use only white-hat methods Webmaster Tools will be helpful. And if you are using some black-hat methods – these tools can track your activity and punish your site.

Many people know positive side of Webmaster Tools so in this post I’ll focus on the negative side. I have particular example. (more…)

Sape and Similar Sites Review

Today Sape theme is trending among the English speaking Seo specialists. Some are exited about it, that’s understandable – such an easy way to get cheap high-quality links. Other quote the tweet of Matt Cutts and think he will crush all the system so Sape will be worthless soon.

I decided to make small review of Sape and similar to Sape sites (Setlinks, LinkFeed, MainLink). Some people think it’s better to keep other sites in secret, but in fact if someone wants – it’s very easy to find them. So I don’t feel like disclosing a secret, I already shared them with people who contacted me. Moreover I taught some of them how to use these sites, showed them and explained everything. Sape links is very very small part of the thing I do in seo so I’m not afraid of competition here.  Such sites are very easy to operate and the one with desire to learn can do it in less than a day. So here are 4 sites and their specific.



Seo services

I just updated my profile on oDesk and I decided to make this update as a post on my site, to which I will redirect people who ask me about my seo specialization and experience.

During many years of my SEO experience I was doing a lot of thing, from simple link-building to managing online marketing department. In order to present myself to the audience, I will list the thing I both enjoy the most and where I have the biggest experience. (more…)

Sape Services

sape As I’ve noticed recently Sape is a trending topic among the SEOs and online marketing. Some consider it a a great way to obtain high-quality links, others think Google will soon ban this “network. However most of the specialists who tried it are happy.

We can’t predict future. And now the main obstacle for the English-speaking people is the language barrier. Sape is made for Russian market and the neighboring countries so it has no English version and no ability to process paypal payments.

I have 7 years experience in SEO and during this time I’ve been working on many different projects. But if Sape is popular and trending now – I decided to focus on it. Moreover I know 3 other similar sites with cheaper links. So I decided to start offering specific SAPE-related services.

CONSULTING and TRAINING. I’m ready to consult you about Sape and similar sites on the individual basis. I can provide all the necessary training and explanation so you can easily run your campaign. (more…)

Selling Links as Monetization Method for Your Blog

Inspirationis not for sale,
However, you cansell a manuscript.”


These words of classical Russian poet came to my mind when I decided to write a post about one of the monetization methods for blog owners. Although these lines were written long time before the digital era, I think most of the bloggers will agree with them. You can’t sell your inspiration; you can’t do anything with it except use it for creative production. And then you can sell your “manuscript”, in our days – a post, a review, a book. (more…)

Going beyond mediocrity

I haven’t posted for about a month here. It’s not that I had nothing to say, on the contrary I had too many thoughts and it wasn’t easy to formulate them into 1-blog-post format. What can I say regarding latest Google updates if there are many other people, more knowledgeable and more experienced than me who talk and post a lot about it.

The problem is not about making conclusions and changing the tactics. The problem is about going beyond mediocrity. I just started to watch Steven Hull’s speech at Brighton SEO who talks about Black Swan. Never heard about Steven before but the Black Swan book is really great, although it contains so much data so I think Nassim Taleb could make a “Light” version for the masses. But anyway it won’t help the most of the people who read it, because they won’t go beyond their linear knowledge.  It did not help me (yet). There is nothing new under the sun. Like most of SEO people I failed to predict Google’s changes, the real Black Swan in search engine optimization area. It was a surprise and even the drop of sites’ positions seemed to be a temporarily mistake.

What do we need for our sites to be better displayed in search results? What Google likes? What Google favors? Google likes Brands, Google likes Social and Google likes Wikipedia style. These are the things many specialists say now so I don’t claim to open a secret. But what exactly to do? Most of the SEOs will continue their mediocre job, they will just change the types of links and their link-building strategy.

Unfortunately now I’m among many other ordinary SEOs, in other case I would be among well-known speakers, or even more – among great web-entrepreneurs. I have lots of ideas, but what the use of them if I have no time for them to start. But anyway I don’t plan to remain long at this point. And hopefully I will go with some solution in the nearest future. Will go beyond mediocrity.


In childhood I wanted to be a polyglot, a person who speaks many languages. I tried to learn more languages in childhood and even later. But as the years passed it was harder and harder to learn languages. Moreover without the language practice I forgot many of what I’ve learnt. I think that knowledge still exists in the unconsciousness and if I will stay for some time in that language speaking environment I can restore that knowledge easily. For example I remember I used to speak good German but I did not use it for years and now it seems I’ve completely forgotten this language. (more…)

Seo Motivation Tips

Here are my Seo Motivation Tips. Some of them are more helpful, some less but I hope you will like all of them.

1) If you lack self-esteem you can change “s” to “c”. So only 1 letter will make you not SEO, but CEO.

2) If you are obsessed by idea that site positions were affected by google panda, just search “panda” in images and you will understand that such a lovely creature can’t harm you.

3) If you are afraid you can be fired – don’t worry, there are plenty of seo vacancies all over the world. (more…)

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